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Property & Facility Management Conference  
Location : JW Marriott Hotel, Bucharest
From: Tuesday 26 March 2024, 00:00
To: Tuesday 26 March 2024, 00:00

Property & Facility Management Conference, the most important local event dedicated to the administration and management services of buildings and properties, returns with a new edition on March 26, 2024, at the JW Marriott Hotel in Bucharest. Year after year, the conference is a premier forum where industry professionals gather to explore the latest industry trends and innovations.

This year's edition of the event will focus on optimization and cost management in the field of facility management. At a time when efficiency and saving resources are vital to the success of organizations, the conference aims to provide attendees with a solid framework for debating and implementing strategies that will contribute to smarter and more cost-effective building and property management.

Among the topics of this edition are:

     Predictive Maintenance: Optimizing building performance by integrating AI and automation to prevent failures and reduce maintenance costs.

     IoT Integration: IoT-enhanced property management of energy consumption, space occupancy, with real-time monitoring.

     Flexible Spaces & Coworking Models: Adapting properties to new trends in the work environment, to flexible workspaces and coworking environments.

     Sustainability Legislation: Effective management and adaptation of properties and workspaces to comply with future regulations.

     Facility Security: Improving security by adopting advanced measures such as biometrics, video analytics and artificial intelligence.

     Health & Wellness Technology: Ensuring a healthy environment in buildings through air quality monitoring, touchless controls and wellness applications.

By participating in this event:

     You will discover the latest technologies and best practices for predictive maintenance, which can revolutionize the way equipment failures are managed and maintenance costs reduced.

     You will identify concrete opportunities to integrate IoT, increasing energy efficiency, real-time monitoring and managing spaces in a smarter way.

     You will learn about the latest trends in adapting properties to changing market needs, with a focus on flexible workspaces and coworking models, thus facilitating more efficient resource management.

     You will gain a better understanding of how future sustainability regulations may affect the business environment and how workspaces can be effectively adapted to comply.

     You will learn about the latest security technologies, including biometrics, video analytics and artificial intelligence, which can significantly improve property security.

     You will meet and interact with renowned specialists in the field, having the opportunity to ask questions, exchange contacts and receive important answers.

More details about the program and guest speakers will be available on the event page.
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