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National Real Estate Fair  
Location : Parliament Palace, Bucharest
From: Friday 28 September 2018, 10:00
To: Sunday 30 September 2018, 16:00

The most anticipated real estate event of the fall, TNI National Real Estate Fair, is being held in Bucharest between 28-30 September at the Palace of Parliament.


You can find all the details of this event here.

Requirements for current home buyers
In recent years, one of the most important changes in the residential market is that of buyers' behavior. "The Bucharest real estate market is in an imbalance fueled by both rising demand for quality apartments and an offer that only satisfies all of the buyer's current needs: new construction, central location, credible developers and vast experience, Arcadia Apartments Domenii completely combines the five buyer's main requirements, as proof of the 250 apartments sold in 9 months since the launch in 2017, launched at the National Property Fair TNI.
According to the execution schedule of Arcadia Apartments Domenii and as a result of sales 60% of the total number of dwellings, in September 2018 we will launch Block 4 which will have 110 studio apartments, 2-rooms, 3-rooms, 4-rooms, duplex and penthouse "Said Daniela Barbu, marketing manager at Arcadia Apartments, the TNI National Property Fair Partner.

Romanians are again investing in holiday homes
At the previous edition of the National Real Estate Fair (May 18-20, 2018), the increased interest in buying holiday properties was noticed. At present, more and more Romanians are investing their property savings on the Black Sea coast, and the forecasts show that people have every chance of repaying their expenses shortly.
Most tourists and clients opt for Mamaia, so that in the northernmost of the most luxurious resort on the Romanian seaside have been built the most apartments. Whole-estate or villas with only a few apartments, buildings built in Mamaia or at the entrance to Năvodari, all season are all occupied either with owners who have come to enjoy investments or with tourists who have leased from developers or investors. In this context, the most anticipated real estate event of the fall, TNI National Real Estate Fair, comes with attractive offers for this real estate segment. Among the projects present exclusively at the real estate fair on 28-30 September are: Residence Wave, Casa del Mar, Prima Residence, Ştefan Building, Residence Residence Residence, Residence Maurer Constanţa.

Demand for sustainable housing is on the rise
The demand for green housing has intensified lately due to the evolution of end-user requirements and the benefits these properties offer: superior quality, increased comfort, lower energy costs and health benefits. At the National Real Estate Fair on September 28-30 at the Parliament Palace, visitors to the event can find certified and pre-certified Green Homes by RoGBC.
"Customers are more concerned about the quality of their lives, the comfort and safety that their home offers, energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs, not just the price per square meter as they have been in the past that we will see an increase in high-quality housing.
Amber Gardens is the first luxury residential complex in Romania that relies on bioclimatic design principles and applies the energy standards of a passive, world-class, highest energy standard.
Designed to have a high level of performance, Amber Gardens homes consume 90% less energy than a conventional building, "says Alex Skouras, Managing Partner Alesonor, developer of the Amber Gardens project, TNI Real Estate Partner

The Solar District, the first green energy residential complex, has launched a special campaign, and the prize to be won is an apartment worth 62,000 EUR. "We are enjoying an increased interest from our customers for the apartments built in the Solar District, given the many facilities offered: solar panels on each block, more than 14,000 square meters of green space, playground, 375 square meters of swimming pool, various functions of existing commercial spaces (pharmacy, medical office, beauty salon, market, restaurant, fitness room, garden).
Until the end of the autumn edition of the National Real Estate Fair TNI (September 30), entries are taking place in the contest titled Want to buy a new house? What about two? organized by the Solar District, where you can win 2 houses in 3 steps," according to Rus Adrian.

Radiography of the TNI event:

 - exclusive property projects;

- launching of residential complexes;

- boutique apartments;

- sea container houses from 11,500 euros;

- investment opportunities;

- middle and high-end properties in the center and north of the capital;

- new mortgages for real estate investments;

- holiday properties;

- national offer;

- solutions for transforming the dwelling into an energy-efficient one;

- related services: architecture, interior design, home staging;

- prizes; raffle and the best deals for TNI visitors!


We invite you to visit the TNI edition, September 28-30, 2018, Parliament Palace, UNIRII Hall! For more information and contact information, visit