The TeraPlast Group is the largest polymer processor in Central and South-Eastern Europe, consisting of the following companies: TeraPlast, TeraPlast Recycling, TeraGlass, TeraBio Pack, the Wolfgang Freiler Group (Polytech & Pro-Moulding) and Palplast. Our group provides efficient solutions for people and the environment, providing complete systems for indoor and outdoor installations, water and gas distribution, protection for electrical and communication cables, underfloor heating and stormwater management. In addition, our portfolio includes granules, PVC and aluminum windows and doors, rigid recycled PVC and flexible polyethylene packaging and biodegradable and compostable materials. The activity of our businesses is carried out in 16 factories in Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Hungary.

With a strong orientation towards sustainable development, the four main pillars of our sustainability vision are:

     Clean water, responsible consumption of resources and climate protection for a sustainable future
     Circular economy and efficient waste management for a sustainable value chain
     Continuous development for healthy communities and fair work
     Solid corporate governance for a resilient and transparent business

We have a dedicated team of over 1,100 colleagues who are committed to promoting these initiatives, ensuring that the TeraPlast Group remains a regional champion in the field, providing the highest quality products and services to our customers.