SVN Romania

SVN Romania | Credit & Financial Solutions is a consultancy company with extensive experience in the financial-banking field, the company bringing together a team of professionals with over 10 years of experience in the financial-banking field and offers clients a wide range of integrated financial services offered either directly, either through partners.

SVN Romania | Credit & Financial Solutions mission is to raise the bar on financial consulting, bringing to market a concept of Mortgage Buying that involves an integrated system of services in the field of home purchase. The concept involves an approach that goes beyond offering a simple financing solution and involves constantly studying the market and lending products in terms of interest, commissions, etc., as well as studying the offers that suit the client based on his overall rating and on its degree of indebtedness, implicitly designing a tailor made solution for the client, in accordance with all the realities of the market. In offering this solution the consultants SVN Romania | Credit & Financial Solutions also take into account the use of credit. In addition, in addition to activities strictly related to the lending side, clients are offered insurance and legal advice variants.

COLLABORATION WITH SVN Romania | Credit & Financial Solutions
From the beginning, SVN Romania | Credit & Financial Solutions aims to be not only a credit intermediary, but a financial consultant for the client, helping to improve his financial situation and contributing to his financial education, which means eliminating some risk factors in the future. As a way of working, each potential borrower taken over in the portfolio is informed about the market offers and the expected route of costs (be it interest rates or currency developments). If it already has credit history and loans in progress (most of the time, credit card or overdraft loans), it is proposed to refinance at lower costs of old debt, leading to an improvement in its financial profile. The approach also contributes to the education of the client, which will be prevented in the future on products that represent a risk in terms of costs.

Mortgages are also the favorite area of activity of SVN Romania | Credit & Financial Solutions and so far, SVN Romania | Credit & Financial Solutions has intermediated over 3000 mortgages with a monthly yield of about 50 mortgages and is growing exponentially with clients, who appreciate and understand the benefits of a well-trained financial consultant's relationship with the intermediary bank.

It is a much easier, more relaxed, more edifying experience regarding credit information and more transparency.


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