ProCredit Bank

This year, ProCredit Bank celebrates 20 years of local activity. Over the two decades, the bank has granted loans worth more than EUR 2 billion to SME customers. Digitization has played an important role in the institution's development in recent years, with ProCredit Bank becoming the first bank in Romania to introduce the concept of "cashless" branches.

ProCredit Bank does not finance companies with unsustainable business models, each client goes through a process of evaluating the impact it has on the environment or at the social level. Beyond the analysis of financial creditworthiness, ProCredit Bank ensures that each loaned client has a balanced or positive impact on the environment.

At the same time, the bank provides services both on the understanding of the situation and on the basis of the client, as well as on a sound financial analysis, thus discouraging the excessive indebtedness of the clients.