Libra Bank

Libra Internet Bank is a Romanian bank in proximity of Top 10, with a consistent growth over the last years due to its niche strategy, being specialized in areas such liberal professionals, agribusiness and real-estate. The bank is particularly focused on new technologies and in developing new partnership, such as those recently made with well-known international fintechs and the one made with Romanian Council for Green Buildings (ROGBC) to facilitate green financing in real-estate.
Over the time, Libra Internet Bank stood up as one of the most innovative and dynamic local banks, being the first bank in Romania to offer an online account (2014), then online loan (2016), first Romanian bank to export banking technology in an international project (2019) and the first bank in Romania to offer a dedicated product for real-estate developers that are building Green Homes certified projects (2021).
Libra Internet Bank has a network of 54 branches and it is owned by the American investment fund New Century Holding (NCH), one of the most important foreign investors in Romanian economy, in areas like electrotechnics, bakery, construction materials, financial and banking services, financial capital services etc.