The ISOGREEN mission
"Improving the energy efficiency and comfort of homes, contributing, at the same time, to protecting the environment, by recycling paper waste, thermal insulation from the best quality cellulose fiber"

ISOGREEN Romania believes that the development potential in the field of construction in Romania must be directed towards the implementation of projects in a way that is as sustainable as possible and as least harmful to the environment.

Regardless of whether it is about new residential, commercial or office real estate projects, the solutions that are selected must also be evaluated from the point of view of resource efficiency, minimization of the impact on the environment during operation/use, but also of the optimal setting from a social and administrative point of view.

Vision and strategy
ISOGREEN Romania is an ambitious company, which aims to become a competitive producer in the national market, as well as the European one, of sustainable thermal insulating construction materials.

Thus, ISOGREEN proposes, as an integral part of the development strategy, through the product manufactured in Romania – Cellulose fiber thermal insulation, to promote sustainability in construction, which involves:

- the integration of natural materials during construction to preserve natural resources and increase the quality of life
- increasing energy efficiency and improving the thermal inertia of buildings to reduce heating and air conditioning costs
- reducing water consumption
- controlling the aging process of buildings
- recycling and recovery of waste materials