eSteam & AutoCurate are specialized in the provision of premium cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection services in which the ecological technologies of cleaning and sanitizing with steam, ozone and UV-C light are mainly used.

The services offered by eSteam & AutoCurate consist of cleaning and sanitizing especially textile surfaces (carpets or carpets, upholstery, mattresses, blinds, drapes or curtains) as well as floors of any kind. We remove the traces left by coffee, wax, food fats, drinks, blood, cough, lipstick, graffiti, etc.

Steam cleaning, a method that appeared only 30 years ago, is based on the cleaning and sanitizing power of "dry steam", which at a working temperature of over 165ᴼC and a pressure of 6 ÷ 10 bars, contains only 5% the water. The firm and "gentle" jet of steam penetrates the most intimate pores of the surfaces, dislodges dirt particles, destroying bacteria, viruses, molds, mites or pathogens, without causing damage to the respective surfaces and prevents the subsequent development of new germs. The powerful jet of steam penetrates the most difficult-to-reach places, cleaning them perfectly.

Sanitizing and disinfecting premises with ozone and UV-C rays gives all the advantages of non-chemical and non-invasive methods. On sanitized surfaces, there are no residues of disinfectant substances that can cause specific damage (staining of surfaces, skin or eye irritation, etc.).

As pioneers of these cleaning methods, we have successfully provided services for prestigious clients such as: Auchan, Best Foods, BCR, Bricostore, Billa, Caroli, Carrefour, CEZ, Coca-Cola, Electrica Serv, ENEL, Engie, Fornetti, Gima , Honda Romania, Intact, Kaufland, Metro, Negro 2000, OMV Petrom, Porsche, Sensi Blue, Telekom, Tiriac Auto, Veolia, etc.

By using the eSteam & AutoCurate services, you will benefit from a clean and perfectly sanitized environment. The methods used by us minimize the shortcomings caused by chemical cleaning solutions that are toxic, highly polluting and, last but not least, provoking allergies, often affecting both our health and the environment.

For a perfectly clean and sanitized environment, use the eSteam & AutoCurate services. You will definitely be pleased and fully satisfied.

AutoCurate is authorized by DSV and DSVSA for cleaning and disinfection.


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