Conacul Dumitrescu

The village of Cornățelu has a long history, the first documentary attestation being, after I. C. Visarion, in 1497, so that in 1531 we can find it as the estate of Vintilă Cornățeanu, a great clucer, and of his wife Voica.
In 1627 the estate belonged to Socol Cornățeanu, great-grandson of Vintilă, married to the illegitimate daughter of Mihai Viteazul, Marula.
Next to the mansion we find the church of St. Nicholas, founded by Vintilă Cornățeanu and Voica, and in its courtyard a monumental stone cross, 3.10 m high and beautifully decorated, with a carved inscription dating to 1645. The cross was erected. by Socol Cornățeanu in memory of his parents and his wife, Marula.
Both the church of St. Nicholas and the stone cross are classified as historical monuments of national and universal importance, class A.