Asociația Preocupați de Viitor

The Preocupați de Viitor Association carries out activities that help to fulfill the legal and moral obligations of coexistence in a healthy, sustainable environment and based on trust between the citizen and the Romanian state.

Thus, the NGO carries out, among others, the following activities:

- Carrying out actions and activities to promote the separate collection of waste addressed to rural and urban residents,
- Carrying out actions and activities to promote the separate collection of waste addressed to commercial and non-commercial companies that want to get involved in awareness projects and identifying the way of waste management related to the needs of the community, according to the law,
- Increasing the level of awareness of the staff employed at the state institutions regarding the need for separate collection of waste and the support of environmental protection activities in the institutions but also outside them,
- Interaction with educational institutions and their involvement in extracurricular activities, with the aim of ecology, the protection of the environment and natural resources, including social inclusion,
- Providing bags for separate collection, informational leaflets about composting waste in households, labels to properly mark bins for recyclable and municipal waste and other materials necessary to meet the general objectives of efficient waste management
- Information sessions about greening actions and education projects in physical and electronic format for all interested people,
- Promoting the image of local institutions: school/high school, town hall and local council, waste collection operator, professional associations, through the proposed activities, interactive conferences for children and adults with the theme of environmental protection,
- Thematic visits to the local collector and recyclers,
- Awarding volunteers with digital tools and urban mobility devices,
- Attracting Owners' Associations in local greening projects,
- Creation and implementation of pilot projects to reduce the amount of waste intended for disposal through storage and offer sustainable alternatives


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