NOC green Clean

General Member

NOC Clean is a company founded in 1998, specializes in providing professional cleaning services in all fields. Slogan by which we define is "we respond to any challenge" because we provide our customers the best quality service and personalized guaranteed.

COMPANY MISSION- to provide prompt and professional cleaning services.
COMPANY'S VISION – providing services of the highest quality.
COMPANY VALUES -​​ customer-orientation “our client is our master”. COMMITMENT- I inform my client what I’m going to do and I keep my promises.
RESPECT GUIDE OUR BEHAVIOR  -  I respect my clients, my colleagues and my work.
INTEGRATE - I act ethically and fairly everyday in my work and in all my decisions.
WIN – WIN - I approach customers, suppliers, colleagues and business partners in order to create value for all of us.
TEAMWORK - I openly share my opinions and make my views known.
RESOURCES AND COST-AWARENESS I value the time, resources and my colleague’s effort and the company efforts.