IsolAir Thermo

IsolAir Thermo is a product of the SA.M.E Sargentini Materiali Edili Italy family.

SA.M.E is the highest quality European manufacturer in the aluminum derivatives industry. Isolair Thermo is produced on a Torninova and Colines manufacturing line with the latest Italy production technology with 99.9% purity aluminum foil SA.ME Italy imported, with the same name as performance and quality with reflective thermal insulation Isoliving Italy - Trademark Sargentini Materiali Buildings.

IsolAir Thermo is a thermorefractar, semi-rigid and flexible compound, which, due to its composition and production quality, achieves exceptional results in terms of radiation, convection, conduction and hygrometry.

Its adaptability makes it easy to install, does not make the structure difficult, eliminates thermal decks, does not propagate fire, reflects 97% of the thermal radiation and retains its insulating properties throughout the life of the construction without storing vapors, moisture or odors.