Colina Nouă

Șoimeni Parc S.A., the developer of the ambitious Colina Nouă project that is being built near Cluj-Napoca, aims to redefine the way of life for a community of people through the 600 houses it will put on the market. The project has:

    An educational center of excellence, with teaching in English and an international program, developed within the project;

    Over 40 hectares of green spaces, pedestrian alleys, bike and promenade tracks, common leisure and outdoor relaxation areas;

    Proximity to everything needed in the long run;

    Organic vegetables produced without chemicals and pesticides in the largest organic farm in Cluj County, Colina Farms;

    Energy efficient houses, finished with turnkey materials and design studied together with an international team of designers and architects.


    Integrated design - with an architecture studied and controlled by an international team of architects,

    Guarantee of good execution

    Guaranteeing the long-term quality of life - by assuming and implementing rules to protect the lifestyle and comfort of customers.