BRD is one of the leaders in the Romanian banking market, operating through a network of over 450 units and counting over 2 million customers. It offers both individuals and companies, whether SMEs or large corporations, complex products and services, built according to their needs.

As part of the Société Générale Group, a leader in sustainable financing, BRD aims to have a positive impact on the environment through its activities, footprint and the actions supported in society, by adopting a holistic approach with a long-term perspective, and has integrated the assessment of clients and transactions from an environmental and social (E&S) risk perspective into its decision-making process. BRD embraces the Société Générale Group's commitment to align its portfolio to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

BRD is ready to support transactions targeting net positive environmental objectives and clients committed to sustainable business development and, supporting this orientation, BRD has developed, in partnership with RoGBC, a product for individual clients to finance the purchase of certified green buildings. Details of this financing offer: